Bochet från Le Menagier de Paris (1393)

"BEVERAGES FOR THE SICK - BOCHET To make six sesters of bochet take six pints of very soft honey and set it in a cauldron on the fire, and boil it and stir it for as long as it goes on rising and as long as you see it throwing up liquid in little bubbles which burst and in bursting give off a little blackish steam; and then move it, and put in seven sesters of water and boil them until it is reduced to six sesters, always stirring. And then put it in a tub to cool until it be just warm, and then run it through a sieve, and afterwards put it in a cask and add half a pint of leaven of beer, for it is this which makes it piquant (and if you put in leaven of bread, it is as good for the taste, but the colour will be duller), and cover it warmly and well when you prepare it. And if you would make it very good, add thereto an ounce of ginger, long pepper, grain of Paradise and cloves, as much of the one as of the other, save that there shall be less of the cloves, and put them in a linen bag and cast it therein. And when it hath been therein for two or three days, and the brochet tastes enough of the spices and is sufficiently piquant, take out the bag and squeeze it and put it in the other barrel that you are making. And thus this powder will serve you well two or three times over."
(Translation found in Eileen Power's The Goodman of Paris, 1928, pp. 293-4)


Recept för 3 gallons:
3 kg Lovö honung
12 gram Paradiskorn
2 gram kryddnejlika
12 gram långpeppar
12 gram färsk ingefära
Ale-jäst Safale US-05


Honungen kokades i ca 1.5 timmar så att den blivit rejält mörkt och sockret karamelliserats. Låt svalna och lös upp honungen i vatten. Skala ingefäran och lägg den och kryddorna i en kryddpåse som lägges i jäskärlet med musten och jästen. Efter 4 dygn plockades påsen bort och det får jäsa klart.

OG 1.090
FG 1.010


Gott kryddat mjöd. Aningen för söt smak enligt min personliga preferens, men ju längre det har lagrats desto mer framträder kryddsmaken, vilket gör den mer njutbar.

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